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Still undecided about adding a Photo Booth to your event?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The world of Photo Booths has started to take over the party entertainment industry. Although, the concept of Photo Booths is a thing of the past, we have given the idea of a Photo Booth a modern and digital makeover. In this day and age, where we are often taking "selfies" and fun photos with our friends and family, the Photo Booth industry has blossomed into the latest must-have for all celebrations. Here's our top 5 reasons you should add one of our Photo Booths to your event:

1. Party Favors

There is without a doubt in our minds that one of the hardest parts of planning your event is choosing what favor to send your guests home with. Let Xclusive Photobooths take that stress away and provide your guests with the perfect party gift, the gift of a photo strip that serves as a memory to last a lifetime.

2. Ice Breaker

A wedding is the union between two people, therefore uniting their two families. A Photo Booth is the best way to break the ice and introduce family member to one another. Our Xclusive Photo Booth attendants know just how to get your guests to loosen up & have fun with each other. Next thing you know, your guests will be hitting the dance floor together or chatting about everything they have in common over a ice cold beer at the bar while they make plans for brunch for the morning after the wedding!

3. Customize to your event theme

Our graphic designers at Xclusive Photobooths are very talented & can make any idea or vision of yours come to life on a photo booth strip. We have an extensive selection of themed props & can coordinate your photo booth strip, backdrop and Photo Booth home screen to match the theme and colors of your event.

4. Suitable for all ages

From the kiddos to the old folks, a photo booth is a great way to bring everyone together to take some fun shots. With an open-air booth, Grandma & Grandpa can take a photo with all the grandkids in one shot. And even though Aunty & Uncle have been married for 25 years, they can pose with a comical "newlyweds" prop sign.

5. High quality photos

Even though your wedding photographer will be capturing all the details of your event in fancy and formal photos, Trust us, you are going to want to look back on all the goofy and silly pictures of your guests taken during the event. This way, you will get to see your event through a different pair of goofy goggles. Let Xclusive Photobooths capture all the fun moments you missed.

Give us a call today to book a Photo Booth for your event! You know you want to! ;)

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